We know that Jesus walked with twelve, out of those twelve He walked with 3 very closely. Who are you walking with? Who are you praying with? What brother or sister do you have that is celebrating and elevating you to greatness? Who do you call when you struggle or feel alone in your circumstance or sin?

Tools 24/7 Inc. is here for you!  God has called us to help Kindom men and women like yourself, get to the next level. Our heart is to give a “tool” to the AMAZING sons and daughters of the King to help them and challenge them in their walks. We believe that relationships are key for every person to have, and usually relationships are the hardest things to do. If we can help the Saints understand that, then we can also help them increase their relationship with God in the process. We have a heart for everyone to become Great, Awesome, Powerful people in the kingdom God.  This is how the Kingdom can be expanded.

We would love for you to invite us to come join you at your small groups, your home groups, dinner with friends, men’s groups, womens groups, whatever wherever you meet, we would love to come and pray and talk about the love of God for His children and specifically about his love for you.

God is on the move and we want to press into the things the King has for us. Our heart is to see the church reclaim the world beginning on an individual level. We want to better foster KINGDOM people doing what we are called to do and be; at home, at church, in the market place….everywhere!

Tools 24/7 Inc. desires to see you start the trip of a lifetime by knowing how to travel on the 4 Ships of Son-ship, relationship, worship & discipleship. We truely want to see your heart become hungry for the presence of God.

Jerry Ramos 

PS: If you would also like weekly encouragement and challenge, we send out a Word Of The Day. It’s a “Tool” that will give you a verse out of the Bible, a thought to meditate on and a question to ask yourself. This is also the way that we communicate with everyone on meetings, events, etc.

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